[100% OFF] Excel Data Visualization, Charts and Graphs

Do you want to improve your charting and visualization skills in Excel?  Do you want to master the common and lesser well-known charts available in your spreadsheets?  If so then this course is the course for you.  Excel is not only an awesome tool for storing data and carrying out calculations, but it is also an amazing visualization tool and we are here to show you how it all works.
We will start this course by looking at the basics of charting in Excel.  You will explore ways to insert charts and formatting options.   After this, we will take a deep dive into creating the most commonly used charts such as line charts, pies charts, and columns charts.  And we will then finish by looking at less common charts.
This course is currently free.  However, in the coming months, we will be updating this course so it includes Dashboard design, creation, and tips so you can learn to build interactive dashboards and really use those charts and visualizations that you learn in the content that is now available.  Once we have the Dashboard section of the course complete and uploaded we will be converting this course to a paid course.  If you grab it now as a free course, you will have lifetime access and that will include the additional content that will be added at a later stage.


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