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Featured here in this course
- A quick brush up section that contains explanation about
                     - All the essential Html tags used in the course 
                     -Different types of CSS styling (Inline,Internal,External)with examples
                     -Different ways of applying style properties(Tag ,Id selector,Class selector)with examples

-Background: Different types of backgrounds explained (Simple,Partition,Fixed,Changing)
-Navigation: Different types of navigation explained(Text,image,button,navigation with co-ordinates)
-Button: Explanation on
                -How to design a simple button to animated button,
                -How to apply different style properties for a button,
                -How to get code from button generators online,
                -How to design a vertical and horizontal navigation bar with button properties
-Audio and video: Explanation on
                  -How to include audio and video files
                  -How to include background music and background video
                  -Video background Explained
Embedding features: Explanation on
                  -How to embed essential widgets (For ex: Clock, Calendar,Weather,Calculator,Dictionary etc.,)
                  -How to link external website
                  -How to add text animations
                  -How to embed pdf and maps
Website Layout: Explained
                  -Logo Positioning
                  -Div styling
                  -Div Positioning
Responsive Design:
                    Explained View port elements and ways to create website that fit to different display size.
Sample Website 1: Curriculum vitae website
Sample Website 2: Portfolio website
Sample Website 3: Event Website
Sample Website 4: Text animated website

Copies of all the code used during the session has been uploaded for reference.


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