[FREE] Adobe Photoshop cc for freelancers - beginners guide designs

it's a step by step journey towards becoming a professional on photoshop. that's why in this course I will first walk you through all the tools in adobe photoshop. however, we will see each tool why it exists and what's the purpose of it and how can it be useful for beginners.
also, this course will teach you how to design some designs and sell them on the market as a freelancer.
then in section 2, you will get used to the photoshop dashboard and why the sizes do matter and how to open a project with some specific sizes!!
then in section 3, I explain the tools on photoshop with real examples in front of you for a better understanding!!!
and in section 4,  we will see what's a PNG and why sometimes it's important to know and make your design as a PNG form. and we will explore and have fun with some pictures and turn a colorful picture to a black N white pic!!!!
in section 5, you will learn how to design some amazing design like a t-shirt design or cover for books, so you can sell them for money in the top freelancing websites!!!!
in section 6 we will explore another free program and very easy to use for beginners, and how to use it and make designs on it for absolutely free and sell them on the market place ( this section is for those who don't want to use photoshop for any reason). so using this free and easy program which is an alternative to photoshop, you will learn how to use it to create a logo or a t-shirt design or a cover for books, and use these designs for commercial use and sell them.

in general, you'll have fun and learn at the same time.

so yeah let's get started now !!!!

this course goes as the following;
first, you will see what can you do with photoshop!!
then, you will see from where to download photoshop.


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