[100% OFF] Git & GitHub Crash Course: Let’s GIT it on Git Hub!

This course is a CRASH COURSE that will help you to get started with Git and GitHub.
Whether you're a student, a web developer, or even some experienced software engineer - you may find this course useful and learn some new developer essentials.

Here are some of the things we're going to cover up in this course:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
1. Common Problems Programmer Face (2 main scenarios - no version control, no collaboration) - 10 minutes.
2. What is a VCS? - 4 minutes.

Chapter 2 - Git Essentials
1. Download & Install (covering "git version", "git help", "git help <command>") - 8 minutes.
2. Configuring basic git information (name+email) - 3 minutes.
3. Creating First Git Project (creating a project directory, "git init", "git status", talk about ".git" directory - 6 minutes.
4. Basic Workflow of Git (creating new "hello_world" file, "tracked vs untracked", "3 stages", "git add", "git commit", "git log") - 13 minutes.
5. Basic Workflow of Git - Additional Practice (working with additional files in the project, modifying files, "git add ." - 10 minutes.
6. Reviewing Changes (diff "working directory" VS "last commit", "git diff") - 6 minutes.
7. Removing a file from git repository ("git ls-files", "git rm <file>", "git rm <file1> <file2>..., "git rm -r <dir>") - 10 minutes.

Chapter 3 - First Steps with GitHub
1. Why we need Remote Version Control System? - 3 minutes.
2. Collaboration Importance - 4 minutes.
3. What is GitHub? Choosing RVCS! - 6 minutes.

Chapter 4 - Getting Started with GitHub
1. Creating a GitHub Account - 2 minutes.
2. Configuring Remote GitHub Repository with Git - 3 minutes.

Chapter 5 - Working with GitHub
1. Push Local Repository to GitHub.
2. Creating a New Repository on GitHub.
3. Clone, fork, and Pull.
4. Raw, Blame, and History.
5. Watch and Star.
6. GitHub Issues & Labels.
7. ".gitignore".
8.  Branch & Merge.
9. Conflict Resolution.


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