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Alteryx for Beginners: Learn Alteryx Designer and gain one of employer's most requested skills in 2020!

This course is for everyone who is either completely new, or a beginner with Alteryx Designer. In this course, you'll learn the basics of Alteryx right from installation of Alteryx, importing files, using various tools to gain insights and learn inghow to report your outputs.

This course does not require any prior knowledge of Alteryx. You should be comfortable working with data and prior knowledge of Excel may prove in handy to understand some of the tools and funtionalities in Alteryx designer.

This course is excellent to kickstart your path to becoming an Alteryx developer, you'll learn all the basics to get you started and applying at your job right away!

With the "Alteryx for Beginners" course you will learn Alteryx from scratch and start solving several real world problems. Learning Alteryx Desginer provides several benefits, you can perform data analytics and even build complex algorithms without coding in complex programming languages such as Python, Java or C and still be able to generate powerful insights very quickly.

The "Alteryx for Beginners" course will make you a champion in using the Alteryx Designer tool. From data extraction, data cleansing to running advanced analytics and even building your own workflows, this course will help you level up in your career as a business or data analytst.

You will be exposed to tools such as Input/Output, Join, Union, Tile, Filter, Select, Formula, Summarize just to name a few. You will learn to automate processes by designing your own workflows as well as combining several inputs to draw insights from data and interpret your results.

The "Alteryx for Beginners" covers all of the concepts at work right away! You'll be fully prepared to understand problem statements, prep data, analyze, build complex Alteryx Designer workflows and draw several useful insights.

The course will be a stepping stone in your path to becoming an Alteryx developer.


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