[100% OFF] Verilog Programming Basics for Programmable Logic IC Chips



Hello Dear Student ,

First of all I welcome you , for Learning this Course .

There is lot of Scope for the VLSI / IC Chip ( ASICs ) Design & Programmable IC s - FPGAs . Its applications are increasing day by day .

World's Top Leading companies Like Intel , Apple , Xilinx , ST Microelectronics , Samsung , Sony , Philips , Microchip , ARM , AMD , nvidia ,HP , IBM , Broadcom  etc . are involved in the Design , Research & Development of IC Chip Design / Programmable IC Chip Design and also , Cadence , Synopsys , Mentor Graphics , Xilinx , Intel  etc. which are the companies involved in developing EDA Tools in which VHDL / Verilog / System Verilog Programming is used in their IDEs / Tools .

This Course is basically for first time Learner of Verilog HDL Programming & first time Learner of Programmable Digital Logic IC Concept .

It is a very short Duration course having approximately 50 to 55  Minutes of Video Content .

It gives a very quick learning Technique of Verilog HDL Programming as applied to CPLD - Programmable Logic IC Chip at a very Basic Level .

Instead of going through Books , at the beginning  , for Learning , it is a good approach to start directly the Programming Practice session & to understand the basic Design methodology / Basic Flow for Learning , without wasting much time . Later on , you may refer the Books on Verilog Programming .

I have explained 3 (Three ) Verilog Programming Case studies in this Course ,  based on Behavioral Modeling , Dataflow Modeling & Gate Level Modeling . .

I hope , you will enjoy learning , this Course .

Thank You

Pravinkumar P. Ambekar


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