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IBM Cognos is one of the largest and successful business intelligence software used for report development. If you want to start your career in Business Intelligence and have little or no knowledge of reporting or Technology, then I can help. In this course you will learn everything from installing a database to creating reports and all that goes between these two points. I have also included a module on successfully finding a Cognos Business Intelligence Job which will definitely help you to get to your dream IT job.

I have been teaching Cognos in a classroom environment in New York City for the past 10 years. It is important to note that close to 90% of my students got jobs and are enjoying their successful careers in Business Intelligence. Over 75% of these student had zero prior knowledge of Cognos or IT except Internet surfing. I want you to imagine yourself in that role – It will be a great journey indeed.

Following is the list of topics I will cover in this course:

Module 0 – Introduction to Cognos

· What is Cognos and It’s use

· A Brief History of the Company

· Business Intelligence Market Place and Key Players/Software

· How they compare against Cognos

· Future Growth outlook of Business Intelligence

Module 1 – Microsoft SQL Server 2019

· Download and Install SQL Server 2019

· Download and Install SQL Server Management Studio

· Configuration

· Writing SQL Queries

· Restoring Database

· Creating New Database

Module 2 – Cognos Installation

· Installation

· Server Configuration

· Log files

· Content-store Configuration

· Running Cognos Service

Module 3 – Cognos Framework Manager

· Installation & Configuration

· Data Source Connections

· Import Metadata

· Table Relationships

· Name Spaces

· Query Subjects & Items

· Function & Calculations

· Create & Publish Package

Module 4 – Cognos Connection

· Introduction

· Interface Deep-Dive

Module 5 – Cognos Report Studio

· Create Simple Reports

· Multi-Dimensional Reporting

· Charting

· Report Formatting

· Function & Calculated measures

· Master Detail Reporting

· Drill-Through Reporting

· Prompts & Filters

· Conditional Statements

· Parameters

· Dash-boarding

Module 5 – Cognos Administration

· Introduction

· Management

· Security

· Data Sources

· More

Module 6 – Landing your Dream Job

· Resume

. Resume Must Haves!

· Where to Look

· What to Look

· Applying & Follow up

· Next Steps


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