[100% OFF] Hands-on Scratch Programming and Game Development



Programming has never been fun to experience. I am sure you will enjoy as much as I was enthralled while recording lectures for hours on end of this course.  There are endless attributes of this course following are some of the perks and learning outcomes of this amazing crash course. 

  • This course is scientifically designed for students with little to no knowledge about programming and who are struggling to understand coding concepts in their schools/high schools.

  • Students will be able to understand and apply coding concepts in no time.

  • It contains complete hands on guide from account creation to game development

  • Concepts of coding blocks are explicitly described in each section.

  • Each section contains game oriented lectures of programming concepts

  • Almost all the coding blocks are covered in  scratch 3.0 programming course.

  • Students will be able to practically apply the concepts of controls, sensing, functions, variables, mathematical operators etc. in scratch platform.

  • Students will be able to grab the concepts of script programming i.e. python, C,C++ etc. after taking this course.

  • This course is useful for both students and professional instructor because all lectures contain step by step optimized guide to understand functionality of coding blocks rather than just dragging onto the screen.


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