[FREE] Adobe Photoshop 2020 – Beginner Essentials Training Course



In this Photoshop course, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to be successful using Photoshop. The course is designed in a very linear order, so you can learn things step-by-step, even if you never used Photoshop before.

What will you learn?

+++++++Photoshop Basics+++++++

  • Understand The Photoshop Interface

  • Customize Your Workspace And Panels

  • Create A New Photoshop File

  • Import or  Place Photos in Your Project

  • Moving & Zooming Around A Project

  • What Is The Layer Panel

  • Keeping Your Layer Panel Organized

  • Linking Layers

  • Aligning Layers


  • Move Tool

  • Rectangle Marquee Tool

  • Lasso Tool

  • Object Selection Tool

  • Crop tool

  • Eye Dropper Tool

  • Spot Healing Brush

  • Healing Brush Tool

  • Patch Tool

  • Content-Aware Move Tool

  • Clone Stamp Tool

  • History Brush Tool

  • Easer Tool

  • Gradient Tool

  • Blur Tool

  • Sharpen Tool

  • Dodge Tool

  • Pen Tool

  • Path Selection Tool

  • Different Shape

    I will guide you every step of the way and I am always available to answer any messages, discussions, questions, or feedback that you have.

    Get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course!

    With our 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee, there's no reason hesitate!



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